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Pre-construction is critical for a successful project outcome. Our team works closely with the owner and the architect to ensure that all understand the entire scope of the project and define project success. We provide accurate budgets and ice casino bonus codeproject schedules early on so our clients can make well-informed decisions. Greystone’s goal is to provide clients with the highest possible value within their budget while maintaining the scope and schedule.

Related Services

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  • Assist design team in program development
  • Develop project scope
  • Review and evaluate soil borings
  • Review civil, structural and architectural drawings and specs  
  • Collaborate with owner and design professionals to understand priorities and identify challenges
  • Review and evaluate MEP scope and requirements
  • Identify permitting requirements
  • Create initial project budget based on programming and schematic design drawings
  • Evaluate costs of proposed project and compare costs to project budget
    • Begin value engineering to bring project in line with budget
  • Design development cost estimate – this estimate will be developed with Greystone’s historical cost data and pricing input from subcontractors in all trades
  • Ice Casino no deposit bonusIf applicable, establish a Guaranteed Maximum Price
  • Define design phasing and scheduling
  • Identify long lead time items
  • Incorporate site logistics restrictions
  • Subcontractor qualification and selection